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Here at GOSI Wood Boilers, we offer a range of the highest quality wood gasification boilers and wood pellet boilers at competitive prices. Wood fired boilers, wood burner boilers and waste wood boilers are environmentally friendly. We have wood heating boilers wood boilers for sale and our wood boilers prices are very competitive. Central heating boilers whether they are indoor wood boilers, outside wood burning boilers or outdoor wood fired boilers outdoor will match all your heating needs in a clean and environmentally friendly, efficient manner.

Our wood gasification boilers provide a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home and domestic hot water with wood. Wood gasification boilers burn so clean, they are safer (virtually no risk of a chimney fire) and result in cleaner air for everyone. They also help to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Wood gasification boilers enable you to increase the warm security of your home in a safe, environmentally responsible way. Everyone wins!

We also offer a range of wood pellet boilers and our wood pellet boilers prices are shown on this page. Wood pellet boilers cost less than oil or gas boilers, even though wood pellet boiler prices vary. Savings of 40% can be achieved. They are carbon neutral which means they are environmentally friendly, as wood pellets are manufactured from sustainable forests. The wood pellet boiler is fully automatic in operation. Fuel handling is convenient as it requires a relatively small storage volume due to the high energy density of the pellets. Storage can be near to the boiler or in separate fuel store area. A feeding mechanism is used to transport the pellets from the store area to the boiler.